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Arrogantly Spiteful.

You'd think after saving someone from almost getting their soul sucked from their body that you'd get more gratitude instead of a child acting like they're all that and a bag of chips. Alas, that wasn't the case for the point of this update.

While I was walking around the 'Woods in hopes of finding a sparring partner for the day, I picked up the smell of blood and immediatly went to investigate. After noticing one of my roommates, Ravanie to be exact walking away looking like she decided to maul a lawnmower and of course, I got a bit worried. After a few seconds, I noticed Drako; a Shadow Shoyru with the abilities to steal souls from others. Horrid ability, that is. Anyway, he was picking on this young Aisha whom I found out was called Kurayami afterwards, who looked no older than sixteen, but I could be wrong.

After a quick fight with Drako, I was able to fend him off with my sword and make sure Kura was alright. After trying to get her to understand that her oh-so large knowledge would get her nowhere if she wasn't willing to do anything to defend herself, the stubborn child said she didn't need to. As she saw it, 'No one would bother attacking me, because I'm not important.'

Well, I guess her almost getting her soul stolen isn't being attacked. I beg to differ.
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