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Random Question-Thing.

First Name: Brigitte
Last Name: None
Nickname: None, unless someone can make a nickname out of Brigitte. Then, I congratulate you.
Birthdate (if known): Forgotten
Age: Twenty-One
Number and age of siblings: None.
Hair Colour: Black
Right hand or left: Right
Zodiac sign: Unknown
Piercings: Along ears
Eye Colour: Red
Chosen weapon: Battle Axe
Extra weapons: My fists
Place of birth: Krawk Island
Current location/home: Neopia Central


Parents: Dead.
Siblings: Have none.
Choice of clothing: Black jeans and beige blouse.
Weaknesses: not too sure really. I suppose long-range weapons?
Fears: None of your business.
First thoughts when you wake up: Need breakfast.
Best physical features: My red-tipped, bushy tail.
Greatest accomplishment: None as of yet.


Swear: Not really.
Drink: Now and then.
Have any unusual abilities: The ability to travel through shadows.
Get along with others: Sometimes
Find the opposite sex attractive: Yes
Want to get into a serious relationship: I haven't thought it over yet.
Smoke: No.


Alcoholic drink: Corona.
Non-Alcoholic drink: Milk
Food: Any type of chinese.
Colour: Red
Number: 45
Word: Smackdown
Clothing: Leather
Season: Summer
Month: May


Fav. Band: My Chemical Romance
Fav. solo artist: Hard to choose
Fav. Album: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
Singular song: Hard to choose
Play an instrument? If so, which one: None.


Blood: Death
Roses: Serenity
Water: Oceans
Knives: Pain
Forks: Food
Blankets: Warmth
Rabbits: Chocolate
Fences: Farms


Color or colour: Color
Rap or rock: Rock
Blonde or black hair: Black
Pale or tanned skin: Tanned
Love or lust: Love.
Sunset or sunrise: Sunset
Night or day: Night
Veg or meat: Meat


In love? If so, with who? No.
How long have you been together? N/A
Where did you meet? N/A
Best memories together: N/A
Things you have in common: N/A
Do you find he/she physically attractive: N/A
Past partners: ...None.
Still friends with past partners? N/A
Offspring: N/A
Other parent of child/ren: N/A
Age of child/ren: N/A
Relationship with child/ren: N/A

List your friends: None.
Best friend: No one.
List your enemies/rivals: None
Most hated enemy/rival: None. </lj>
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